External  Mounting 
A typical CBR F4 CBR F4 5.JPG (169547 bytes) CBR1100XX  5.JPG (180275 bytes) A CBR1100XX


To the right you can see clearly how the grommets are located on the tubing as if the air-box were in place but invisible in the pic. You can see how the main inlet tube on the Flo-Commander enters the air-box permitting the FC from breathing the same air as the carbs are breathing, as is necessary.  FCR`s with adapters for a Kaw. air-box, external mount, 5.JPG (106465 bytes) These particular air-box adapters adapt the Keihin FCR  Flat Slides to a Kawasaki air-box.
Below, a SV650 Typical Set-up An FZ-1 Set-up
SV 650 5.JPG (129616 bytes) FZ 1  5.JPG (174306 bytes)


CBR 900 RR inside 5.JPG (168259 bytes)
CBR 900RR 1 5.JPG (136900 bytes)

    As with the CBR 900RR system, when there are space issues inside the air-box & there is room to externally mount the system, it makes a really trick set-up. As seen here, when externally mounting,  you must feed the F.C. with the same pressurized air that the carbs  are breathing for proper circuitry operation.



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