Answers to commonly asked questions.                                   

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1Yes, it will work fine with a PROPERLY tuned "jet kit" , and many times helps when the "jet kit" wasn't properly dyno tuned.  We have got plenty of dyno sheets to show that.

2.   Yes, if you have drilled out and tapped the main air jet location for a changeable main jet, we have special adapters    that  will screw right in, (5mm)

3.   If you have blocked or restricted your main air jet location with a "jet kit" plug or restrictor, there is an instruction sheet with the system that explains what to do, (very simple). You DO NOT HAVE to get one, but we have a very inexpensive system to  make that operation extremely easy (generally w/out carb removal) 13.95 or 10.95 with a Flo-C. system. We      did not think it necessary for everyone to pay for any items they don't need or will just be throwing in a drawer.

4.   Yes everything is included in the system, for normal installation.

5.   We offer a universal mounting system for mounting in a variety of ways, and applications.

6.   No, you will not usually need to re-jet when installing a slip-on, but with a complete system it's advisable to go up a size or so with the mains only. The reason is not because the flo-commander can not make up the difference, but so the adjustment  position will stay in the mid range, for all the circuit synchronization effect possible.

7.   The tubes attach to the main air-jet location on the carbs, via our special tubing adapters.

8.   The blue tube is used when the mounting location of the flo-com. inlet tube has to much air movement around it, and needs  more consistent "steady air". the end of the tube is just mounted below to top of the velocity stacks. The other time  it's used, is when mounting the F.C. outside the air box, to get clean air from inside the box.

9.   No you don't have to put it on a dyno, you can just follow the directions , leave it set as is, or call for special application. It's easier, and takes much less experience to get better results from just bolting it on, rather than going into the carbs and making any changes to internal parts.

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The ZX7R from two angles



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