Filter Diffuser with the Flo-Commander

Used with Internal Set-up

Pod Filter Set-Up
Used with Pod Filter Set-up

Well here's what you've been hearing about, a little added HP to an already fine gain. This can be used in place of the blue inlet tubing, required on some of the systems to pick up "calmer" air, instead of the more turbulent air where the Flo-C. unit needed to be mounted. Even if a tube wasn't required it still will improve performance even more. No, it won't change your best previous setting much at all, at the most maybe an 1/8th or so in most cases, but, not necessarily in one direction. So you are fine leaving it adjusted where it is, if you don't want to "tweak" for a little more. You'll have great results, as well as a cleaner yet F.C & carb circuitry.
The calmer/steadier the air going into the unit, the smoother the calibration will be. Some folks out there still think the air in the air-box is the same pressure as the air around the air-box if it's not ram air. They also think that when air pressure is going into the ram air system, that the pressure all around inside the air box is equal. What they also don't realize, is, when one carb takes a big "gulp" of air, is the air pressure by that carb the same as by one that is just getting ready to "feed"? no of course not. This along with all the other causes of pressure fluctuations around the inside of the air-box create havoc for the carburetor's circuitry.
We proved, a long time ago that is the case, because when the air for all four circuits is taken from one location, yes, all you Flo-commander owners know what the result, is, smoother acceleration, great throttle response, and a lighter front end, without removing weight! We obviously won't give away all our secrets, of how we test, and what the exact numbers are, but it's very significant. but especially at lower speeds, we'll say under 80 to 100mph or so, when you go from a cruising throttle, or closed throttle position, to wide open throttle, the pressure change, isn't just a change, it's still very abrupt and the carb`s circuitry just doesn't like it. The pressure drop at extremely slow speeds is
phenomenal when you twist that throttle open quickly, and we mean really phenomenal, even if it is ram air. So, the more you can do to feed the circuitry steady air, the better it works,,,, PERIOD!!! So we've seen places in the curve, get from one to 2.5 hp increases, (that, for a few bucks)
It will come standard with kits that require it, but as an accessory if it's just an improvement to what we've already been offering. It's only required on a few kits, and we'll recommend it if we feel we should on certain applications. We have the direct mount & a "blue tube" mount unit for where space is an issue. Go to accessories for details!


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