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We have been continually asked, why we haven't said here exactly what performance gains could be expected, besides "substantial".

So many companies "pump up" the real numbers on their products, and also don't mention the power losses elsewhere in the curve that happen, in order to get a gain somewhere else. We didn't want to be thought of as they are. So we decided to wait until so many people worldwide, were using the Flo-Commander, with extremely great results, no one could intelligently dispute so many peoples results. We can now let the product and it's users proclaim the results. We don't post anywhere near all testimonials only because they all basically say the same thing, but appreciate all that are sent in.   

We realized the numbers sound way too hard to believe, but, now you can ask people worldwide now using them what they think. The performance gains are phenomenal. Of course we should tell you our own test results, but that might not matter to some. So, we'll tell you this;  The average numbers we get back from countless others, who put their bikes on a dyno, range from a 4 to 8 HP gain, a longer HP and TQ curve, better and more controllable throttle response with a much smoother curve. It's not just a gain on the top end, it's an entire curve improvement. Most are on engines from 600 cc's to 1200 cc's, but there are many on larger and smaller engines as well.                                                                     

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