Flo-Commander        Remote Control Kits  II & III

NOTE ; We are sorry to have to inform you that we are having to put a delay on when we can build more FC Remote Control Kits. We will most likely start up again with the K1 kits late spring when you folks will want them more. These kits are an extremely low profit item & not a real large qty selling item. We are swamped with other companies products we produce for them along with all our other higher qty selling products of our own. So we need to concentrate on keeping these items available rather than the more specialized items for now.


     Remote Control Choices for the 1000 & 2000 Series Flo-Commanders         

Any Remote kit, can be used with any FC. Having stated that, we have designed the FC RCK1 for both the FC 1000 & FC 2000 series FC`s (the 2000 being shown right below here), & the 1000 series being for multi cyl. engines. The RC k2 is mainly designed for the FC 2000. The RC K3 is designed mainly for entry level for  the FC 1000 series FC`s.  All the details are listed below, but, don`t hesitate to call or e-mail w/any questions, w`re here to help however we can.

K2 & 3 knob 1.JPG (8627 bytes)   K2 on 60 low mt.JPG (13863 bytes)   FC end of cable 1.JPG (6593 bytes)       

Above, the control knob for the RC K 2 & 3 kit.   The RC K2 on the FC2000    You can go up to 16" w/the K2 Kit & 24" w/the K3 Kit.

          Introducing our R.C. K2 & K3 Remote Control kits     

knob.JPG (10997 bytes)

      The knob you get will look like this, unless specified otherwise. 

                  Click on the pics to get a more clear view!                    

We have put the R&D into two more remote control kits. They are for the serious tuner or  racer who doesn't want all the bells & whistles of the Pro-Series Remote Control KI system we've had out for a while now. The two new kits do not have all the bells & whistles that the Pro-Series RC K1 has, but they cost a lot less & really work great!! To keep the price as trim as possible for you we designed two set ups. This way you won't be purchasing items we know you won't need, depending on your requirements. 

On YZF w face order pg FCs.JPG (89052 bytes)                   rem on yzf high left mt.JPG (37084 bytes)            FC end of cable with black & clear heat shrink cover.JPG (11700 bytes)                                

K2 kit mounted by the "Hot Start" knob, on a YZF.    Same bike but mounted high on the left side.    Two of the several choices of cable protection you get.                                                                                                                                         

The RC K2 is designed with the 2000 series Flo-Commanders in mind, (the single cyl. FCR Flo-Commanders). The RC K3 kit is an entry level kit for the 1000 Series Flo-Commanders for Sportbikes, but can be used with either type Flo-Commander. You will just have a few parts left over if you use it on an FC 2000 equipped bike, but, it will give you a couple more options. All the quality aluminum Bracket Blanks we send can be quite easily drilled & bent to whatever configuration you need, to mount the control knob where YOU 

K2 on 60 h mt.JPG (9527 bytes)         rem 54 low mt.JPG (11785 bytes)             K2 kit.JPG (28512 bytes)                       

     Above are two of the many ways to mount the RC K2 on the FC2000                                          The RC K2 kit

  The single cylinder FCR equipped bike always has the carb in the open, & not in an enclosed air-box. There isn't a need for quite as long of cable, sheathing etc etc, or the grommets or hardware that is used with a sportbike or air-box set-up, so we made the RC K2 without the added parts that is required for the Sportbike set-up. The reasons are several why you may want the remote, even though the carb & Flo-Commander 2000 are in the open. The main one is the some of the bikes are very "congested" on the right side of the carb where the Main Circuit Needle adjustment is. With all the items you need to get around, many guys have requested a simple remote that they can reach down & adjust on-the-fly. Yes putting a long screw driver in there & adjusting your fuel/air mixture is simple & you don't even have to shut the engine off, but, with the remote, you can adjust it without even looking down, &, while still on the bike. The pilot circuit in the FCR is on the left of the carb, so obviously so is the adjustment screw on the Flo-Commander. It is easy to reach down and access whenever tuning.  


RC K3 by frame neck 2.JPG (89515 bytes)           K3 kit.JPG (37943 bytes)           RC K3 lower left mt.JPG (53006 bytes)

Above, a RC K3 kit w/the knob by the steering neck.                          A RC K3 kit with the knob below the rear of the tank on the left side      

  The major difference, between the RC K2 & 3.  Once you go farther than about 12 to 16"s in length, you need to support the inner cable core so that it can rotate inside a hanger or two, or a stationary outer guide or sheath.  This way you can span farther distances and negotiate corners easier, without the cable wanting to loop or buckle, & not adjust as smoothly. With the open FCR, & a wide variety of choices fairly near the carb its easy to find a location to mount the remote. 16" of cable core is supplied with the RC K2 kit. In the RC K3 kit we supply military spec grommets, more inner cable core (24"), more sheathing, more cable protect covering, cable hangers, more SS fasteners etc. You still can use the K3 kit in place of the K2 kit, because it has everything the K2 Kit has, but if you have a sportbike or even a cruiser that we make the FC for, you need the RC K3 or the original Pro-Series "KI" all-out ultimate Remote/Fuel Air Control.  

 Once you have the RC II or III set, you can lock the setting with a single wrench, behind the control knob mounting bracket. We make special Delrin or Nylon friction discs that go here so you can have a certain amount of tension on the control cable, (besides what the o-ring, & spring on the FC gives you). The set up is designed so it won't wear & become loose, & so the adjusting action is very smooth. It will hold its adjustment fine, without locking it, or adjusting the tension fairly snug, as long as you don't accidentally bump & rotate the knob, but the lock is there because we felt it was necessary so all scenarios & situations could be covered. Locking it, when not racing or tuning, also prevents someone from "messing up" that fine tuned carb for you

 All our Remote control kits are designed so you can easily make the control cable the length you want. We also include a "practice" or "set-up" core, so you can fully mock up the system before cutting the special cable to length. The cable is designed to give a nice clean cut, with just a good sharp pair of side/wire cutters. We also include bracket blanks so you can do the mounting the way you want to as well. We include very easy to understand illustrated instructions on all the criteria you will need to know to mount it all in a very professional way. 

        The RC K2 retails for 74.95,    & the    RC K3 retails for 88.95        

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                              What You Get In Ea. Kit.                                                             

The RCK2 Kit; Good instructions!, 2 Alum. bracket blanks, rugged yet easy to bend & drill, with the one required hole already done for you, that is covered with a protective coating you peel off when the bracket is ready to use. Purpose-made aircraft quality cable core. Extremely soft durometer surgical style tubing to slide over the cable core to protect it from the elements. Its extra pliable so as not to impede the ease of rotating the control cable, even when a turning radius in the cable route is quite short. You get clear & black, (red & blue are available). Black & clear shrink tubing is supplied as well to use by itself, or to seal the ends of the tubing to the SS cable end connectors. The control knob with all related SS hardware that goes on the main shaft, along with the anti wear spacers.  SS set  screws  w/loctite patch built in for securing the cable, after you cut it to length, into the SS cable end, & the "bell" end to the FC Needle. Hex wrench, SS fasteners to attach the bracket to the bike if you so choose. A mock cable core so you can double check your calculations before cutting the cable. Quality nylon ties, etc. We give you enough materials to go up to 16"s. But, if you go the full 16" you might need to lightly hold the cable somewhere in the middle of its length, depending on your cable route.     

K2 kit.JPG (28512 bytes) The RC K2 kit          The RC K3 kit  K3 kit.JPG (37943 bytes)                      


The RCK3 Kit; You get all the above, plus; the cable related components; core,  protective coverings, etc etc to go up to 24". Plus sheathing, that can remain stationary with the cable rotating within it, along with rubber sealing caps for the ends. Hangers for the cable & or cable & sheathing. along with stainless hardware for the hangers. Military specs grommets for going thru air boxes, (thus keeping them sealed), or plastic or fiberglass parts, large dia. for sheathing, & smaller for just covered, (or uncovered) cable core. 



A note on some things you may be wondering about !

A similar cable core (not as rugged) alone runs about $50 for 12" from a industrial supply co. without any special ends.  A long idle adjuster for a typical sport bike runs at least that, & the cable will not work near as well as our specially made aircraft quality cable. It is designed to take a lot of torsional twist, in either direction, unlike speedometer cable which will unwind when turned backwards. All the components that are steel, we make from stainless. About 95% of the hardware in the kits are stainless as well. All the necessary pieces are there for you in an easy to assemble kit, that can be set up the way you want to set it up. there are several well designed stainless machined parts to make it a first class product. We make  sure our quality is second to none, with comparable products, but, with a lower price than you are used to paying for inferior quality. This, along with extra components & parts that we don't even figure into the price with every product we manufacture & sell. We want to be sure you always get more than you pay for when you purchase our products, Period! 

                                    Our original Pro-Series RC K1 kit                                           

The original "Top-Shelf" Pro-Series Remote Control  K1 kit, of course may be used for the 1000 or 2000 Series FC`s. In other words, the FCR Single carb`d machine or the Multi carb`d Sport Bike type FC. Some of what it offers that the other two do not is mentioned below. The Pro-Series RC K1:

 Has a control unit with a spring loaded detent to make adjustments at speed easier & more precise, & to automatically lock it into position when you adjust the knob. This is necessary especially when you mount it on the left clip-on and then have the movement in the cable when turning the front wheel back & fourth. Also with the added length when mounting farther from the FC, you will get a slight bit of "spring back" when you let go if you turn it quite a bit, then let right go. The detent helps take care of this. The knob also has a threaded set screw that you can physically lock completely, (mainly so no one can "mess" with it). The control unit also has a stainless dial with markings on it for quick visual positioning. A section in the unit is also designed so that it can be set to allow the knob to be rotated from a fraction of a turn, to five turns, (the max you use with any of the Flo-Commanders). You can set it to stop at a certain adjustment, & to rotate up to five turns (or slightly more) & stop at a predetermined adjustment. With this feature you can give yourself a max rich & max lean setting, so while racing you don't adjust it either way farther than you want to, without ever even looking at it to be sure. It also means no one can walk up to your machine & simply turn the needle all the way out of the FC, inside the airbox, without you realizing it till you run it.   

It has 3 feet of control cable & all the sheathing choices you could need to go with it. a "practice" or "set-up" core, so you can fully mock up the system before cutting the special cable to length.  Several choices of hangers, fasteners, grommets, & more, so you can custom mount your system however you want to! 

                    We definitely sell this kit under it's easy-to-see value as well!!!                          

                    Click here to go to the Pro-Series RC K1 page                                    

 There is a lot more over-all Remote Control & tuning info along with specific pics & info on the  Pro-Series RC K1 Page!