Introducing our new innovation in carburetor technology

The externally adjustable, synchronizing, fuel mixture control for Sport Bikes.


General Technical Information

When most any carburetor is being designed the first time, one of the most complicated areas to make work correctly is the transitional areas, where the carbs are trying to deliver a smooth power/ fuel curve area as the rpm`s go from the pilot to the mid circuit, then the mid to the main or top end circuit. This is where most of the stumbling and dead spots occur that make the power drop or be erratic. The other big issue is keeping the carbs synchronized after you leave the idle area and bring the rpm up, (ever watch your synchronization gauge after bring up the rpm`s, even after having them all even at idle?)

 Also air moving around in the air box, gives different pressures to each of the four carbs , causing them to run way out of synchronization, resulting in inconsistent, uneven, erratic power.

The Flo-Commander takes all fuel air circuits, from the MAIN AIR JET LOCATION, (via our tubing adapters, and tubing), and routes them all into one location, so that each carb gets exactly the same amount of air all the time. The result is much smoother transition areas I previously talked about as well as all other areas being enhanced as well. The icing on the cake is being able to adjust the amount of air you are letting into the system, thus you can meter the air/fuel mixture, from one location, without doing anything to the carbs. And the system can even be installed without having to go into or removing the carbs at all, under normal circumstances.

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Whenever there is a question of
 possible air-flow interference do to
 the F.C. mounting location, we make
 sure there will be no issues.

ZX7 5.JPG (202142 bytes)

The Flo-Commander ties/blends each of the carburetor's fuel to air mixtures to one, Thus eliminating the results of uneven air pressures around the carb air jets causing the multiple fuel/air mixtures of the diff. carbs to thus be much better synchronized through-out the entire RPM range (approx. 3000 to red-line or 1/16 - 1/8 throttle position to W.O.T.) instead of just at idle. You adjust the fuel/air mixture of all the carbs at once by adjusting the thumbscrew to add or limit the air going into the main circuit. The carbs in which we remove the main air-jet to install the tubing adapter have a carefully sized and shaped restriction inside the tubing adapter. We use this, and use the same restrictions already in place (on the carbs we just press the adapter down over the air-jet), to ensure that even if the flo-com. adjustment is opened way up it won't be dangerously lean. When opening it all the way, it does allow a certain amount more air through (to go slightly leaner in the mixture) because even though the restriction is the same size, the other effects such as air velocity & flow, in the tubing, allow / enable it. You then have a more broad range of adjustment.

The first sought after, and now acquired goal, is smoother circuit-to-circuit transition areas, as well as much better synchronization. The next sought after and acquired goal is being able to adjust (to a certain degree) multiple carburetors from one point.

End result; more TQ & HP, a more smooth and predictable power curve, convenience of tuning, the flo-c. will aid in determining where your jet size should be, if you make radical engine mods, while allowing the finer adjusting to be done with the unit itself. How much power you gain will vary , but, we have seen averages of 2 or 3 in a few areas, up to 10 or 12 and higher in others. An over all average gain in a particular situation, as long as the installer of the Flo-Commander at least average skills as far as a conscientious mechanic, and (DEPENDING ON WHAT WORK HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE & HOW CORRECTLY IT WAS DONE) has been somewhere between 4 & 6 hp , and so importantly a MUCH SMOOTHER application of that power.

Tubing Adapters
A Variety of Some of Our Tubing Adapters 5.JPG (65751 bytes)
This is the specially designed fitting (per application), that allows the tubing to be easily attached to the proper location on the carbs fuel/air circuit.

This shows the "Tube Type" OEM Air Jets or Restrictors. They are not removed, as our tubing is designed to simply be pressed down over it as shown.

The OEM type restriction seen below is removed & replaced by our adapter.

"Jet Kit" Plugs & Restrictors.
The plugs or restrictors can have a counter-bore in the top, so you need to look down inside of it to tell which it is, but it's no problem whichever it is! It's all covered in the clearly illustrated instructions.

Jet Kit info

This is covered in the instructions that come with your F.C. system as well.

If have installed a “Dyno-Jet” Jet Kit, you may have a plug or restrictor in the main air passage. This is a list we have compiled so you will have an idea if you will need to remove a plug or restrictor so the passage can be used to it’s original flow potential again. You will be able to set up the Flo-Commander w/no problem, no matter what jet kit brand or type you may have installed. The list here is handy, as it will tell you if you should purchase our handy super time saver Plug/Restrictor Removal system. You can remove them without the system, but the few bucks for the system is well worth it even if you only ever use it once. They are just a convenience we offer to you. If you have another brand/type Jet Kit, the passage is most likely not plugged or restricted. As a “rule of thumb” if you are removing a restrictor, and the jetting was “Right On”, you can go up just one size on the main jets, to bring the mixture back into a neutral position, and fine tune with the F.C. If you remove a plug, you can go up 1 or 2 sizes with the mains and fine tune with the F.C. These are basic settings/suggestions. You could make up the difference with just the F.C., but because you would be closing it substantially to get the mixture back rich enough, you wouldn’t be getting as much of a synchronization effect, as you would not be allowing the circuit to be utilized as much.

Many times though we have found that the Jet system installer, did not put the plugs or restrictors in anyway, in which case it’s an extra easy install.

Corrector/Restrictor mean the same thing below.

  ZX11C 90 - 93  stage 1 n/a
  ZX 11D 93 - 97 stage 1 “correctors”
  ZX 11D 98 – 01 stage 1 n/a
ZX9R 00 – 0 stage 1 plugs
ZX9R 98 – 99 stage 1 “correctors”
ZX9R 94 – 97 stage 1 “correctors”
ZX7R 93 - 95 stage 1 plugs
ZX7R 96 – 03 stage 1 plugs
ZX600R 88 – 97 stage 1 n/a
ZX6R  95 – 97  stage 1 n/a
ZX6R  98 – 99  stage 1 n/a
ZX6R  00 – 01  stage 1 plugs
ZX6E  93 – 03  stage 1 “correctors”
ZZR 600  93 – 03  stage 1 “correctors”
EX500  87 – 03  stage 1 n/a
YZF 1000  97 -  stage 1 n/a 
R-1 98 – 99   stage 1 n/a
FZ-1  01 – 03  stage 1 n/a
YZF 750  96 – 98  stage1 plugs
R-6  99 – 01  stage 1 “correctors”
YZF 600  97 – 03  stage 1 n/a
YZF 600  95 – 96  stage 1 “correctors”
FZR 600  89 – 99  stage 1 n/a
F-2  91 – 94  stage 1 n/a
F-3  95 – 96  stage 1 n/a
F-3  97 – 98  stage 1 n/a
F-4  99  stage 1 plugs
CBR900RR  93 – 95  stage 1 n/a
“ ”  96 – 97  stage 1 n/a
“ ”  98 – 99  stage 1 n/a
VTR 1000  97 – 03  stage 1 n/a
CBR1100XX 97 – 98  stage 1 n/a
GSXR 600  97 – 00  stage 1 n/a
GSXR 750  96 – 97  stage 1 n/a
SV 650  99 – 02  stage 1 n/a
GSXR 1100  93 – 94  stage 1 n/a
GSXR 1100  95 – 98  stage 1 “correctors”


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