I finally got a chance to get some better riding and testing in w/my RX-1. The immediate increase in RPM`s and response carries all the way to top end. It just keeps pulling!!! It was pretty cold in the morning and I richened up the mixture a little by giving the Flo-Commander a little turn in and it woke up even more. Later in the day I gave it a little turn out and the difference was amazing, immediately noticeable response. Never have I been able to make immediate, noticeable changes without any effort at all.  Performance has always been a compromise but now there is no compromise. The Flo-Commander is the best performance & tuning aid I have ever seen!.

Kole Johnson

I finally got some testing in with my Flo Commander installed on my
05 RS Vector.  I have tested it in extreme temperature changes from -30 degrees to +40 degree temperatures.  The adjustability in these temperature changes was crucial for obtaining the performance I needed.   Within minutes I could tune the Flo Commander to whatever conditions were required and the throttle response and RPM increase was more than noticeable.  After a 210 mile trip riding with two other 2 stroke sleds, my RS Vector was the only one that made it home that day.  The other two melted down due to a lean condition that occurred in extreme cold temperatures.  I simply tuned my Flo Commander for the cold temperatures and it ran like a dream all day long.  As far as ease of installation and adjustments, there is no other product available that comes close.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who requires maximum performance in all conditions.

James M
 Traverse City, Michigan

Not only will you get the normal performance boosts with our systems, but we have also taken care of the screened 'section' or 'plate', problem with the Vector model along with the air-flow issue do to the improper location of the OEM breather tube. You can set the original aside and simply snap ours in place. You get what you need with the Main Circuit System.


RX-1 Dual System Flowbench
Checking for any possible airflow interference. 

pilot and main tubing adapters on the RX-1
Pilot and main tubing adapters on the RX-1.

rx1single.jpg (102624 bytes)

rx1dual.jpg (119162 bytes)


Vector Dual Flo-Commanders

Vector setup on the flobench



RS Vector  Main System 2005 FC1000K71


RS Vector   Pilot System 2005 FC1000PK71


RX-1 Main System 03 - 05 FC1000K34   
RX-1 Pilot System 03 - 05 FC1000PK34   $143.95
RX-1 Pod Filter Adapter Kit, works for either system 03 - 05 PK4  
RS Rage main circuit  05 FC1000K71    
RS Rage pilot circuit   05 FC1000PK71 $136.95
RS Warrior main circuit 04-05 FC1000K34    
RS Warrior pilot circuit 04-05 FC1000PK34    

Other sled models available soon. 



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